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Pablo Farias Navarro🏅 900

Founder & CEO at Zenva

Brisbane, Australia
Founder of Zenva - an online coding academy that has helped over 1 million people succeed in their careers and hobbies.
Peter Baskerville🏅 900

Entrepreneur, lecuturer and startup founder

Brisbane, Australia
Currently working on this century's paradigm shift in education via 3 Internet startups. I am a teacher & educational resource developer at TAFE, Queensland. I have started, managed & sold over 30 'bricks & mortar outlets' in retail and hospitality.
Rutian Mi🏅 900

Help you win and keep Asian customers.

Brisbane, Australia
Experienced export strategist with many successful stories in China, Japan and Korea.
Excellent communicator and relationship builder with Mandarin and
Japanese language skills.
Help you win and keep Asian clients both overseas and domestic.
Hollie Chung🏅 900

Accelerating Impacts towards a Net Zero World

Sydney, Australia
PM at NSW sustainability focused accelerator. Seeking cofounder for winning idea at CSIRO CE Hackathon (FMCG/ Food). Let's have a chat. Sustainability Master Grad and formerly Corporate Sustainability Consultant.
Dale Cook🏅 900

Advisor | Director | Mentor | Investor

ASHGROVE, Australia
Globally experienced in Leadership and Board Governance in multinational firms, applying expertise in pivotal roles driving transformation, operational effectiveness and commercial success, accelerating profitable growth.
Electra Frost🏅 900

Futurist accountant and co-founder of Digital Playhouse

Agnes Water, Australia
Leading creative industries accountant on a digital business transformation mission since the year 2000. Opened a digital techknowledgy and edu-tourism centre in central Qld to grow regional skills economy and promote the future of work in paradise.
Connor Clarke🏅 900

Founder of Plastics Pirate

Port Douglas, Australia
A Registered Paramedic, multi-skilled and new to business, I am bootstrapping a project using a mobile and scalable plastic pyrolysis plant to evidence a solution for current plastic mismanagement.
Adam Santa🏅 900

Founder at SiteSq

Brisbane, Australia
Startup founder of SiteSq - Construction productivity management software.
After 15 years of industry experience, I am working on improving efficiency by developing simple-to-use software for management teams to collaborate better with trades.
Leandro Rocha🏅 900


Gold Coast, Australia
I am founder and CEO at the Hub App Technologies for Goods & Services (Holdings).
Mark Moko🏅 900

Founder of LIXIR

Brisbane, Australia
Brisbane dog lover looking to make the world a better place for dogs and increase their status🐶💙, certified hustler/ entrepreneur, love networking and helping others and 12yrs as a small business owner
Nick Pile🏅 900

Innovation through Boundaryless Thinking

Long Beach, Australia
Proven Management Consultant who has developed a number of affordable digital capability building platforms that will accelerate your business, building on examples of Innovation relevant to your business proposition
Mark Paddenburg🏅 900

Director & COO at Legion Telecom

Sunshine Coast, Australia
Director at Legion Telecom and Advisor at Board Assocaites. I'm an innovator, entrepreneur & connector.
Cory Adams🏅 900

Co-Founder at ClassicGT

Brisbane, Australia
Car fanatic with a keen eye for all things data... 10+ years experience in analytics and visualisation in a variety of industries. First time start-up creator.
Lance Meikle🏅 900

Business Advisor | non-executive director | MBA | GAICD | F Fin | CFP®

Gold Coast, Australia
Business advisor and non-executive director.

MBA | GAICD | F Fin, CFP® | Managing Director | Mentor: Qld Government, Small Business 'Mentoring for Growth' program and ATO Small Business Consultation Panel representative.
John Hale The Strategy Guy🏅 900

Speaker | Advisor | Educator | Author

Brisbane, Australia
The Strategy Guy, John Hale, has taught in business schools, spoken at global conferences, educated hundreds of start-ups and advised some of the world’s biggest firms.
James Birt🏅 900

Associate Professor Games and Emerging Technology Bond University

Robina, Australia
Experienced mentor, researcher and communicator of emerging technology and computer games. 70+ publications in AR/VR/Games. Received two Universities Australia citations for leadership and innovation in immersive technologies.
Rebecca Dredge🏅 900

CEO at Kiddo App

Brisbane, Australia
We give parents time connecting them to trusted and verified babysitters
Deb Morrison🏅 900

CEO at

Brisbane, Australia
🏆Launched an Australian-first: An on demand Pet Taxi App 🏆Listed on for 60 Women-Led Startups that are Shaking Up Tech Across The Globe. 🏆Listed in number 1 place, in The Martec’s 25 Top Women-Founded Startups to Watch.
Karen Sanders🏅 900

Acting CEO at The QLD XR Hub |||| Co-Founder & GM at Real Serious Games

Fortitude Valley, Australia
Co-Founder & GM, Real Serious Games | Strategist | Avid Public Speaker | Change Enthusiast | Award-winning Entrepreneur
Christopher Krebs🏅 900

Regional Entrepreneur Community Sector MrKrebs

Branyan, Australia
Entrepreneur Student and business professional regional QLD. Passionate around building local communities and have started my own facebook group to encourage and support other regional entrepreneurs.
Roger Tang🏅 900

Co-Founder of

Brisbane, Australia
Completing a PhD in Mine Rehabilitation whilst running an Envirotech startup. Previously founded an Edtech startup after winning funding at the University of Oxford IT Innovation Challenge, the software is currently used at the Uni of Oxford.
Lana Kruger🏅 900

Logistics Guru

Brisbane, Australia
Visionary and Logistics Industry disruptor. Passionate about automating and transforming the way brands in Australia experience the logistics of imports, exports, courier and 3PL (Order Fulfilment). Reach out if I can help!
Bibi Jellema🏅 900

Co-founder of Airguides

Sunshine Coast, Australia
Co-founder and COO of Airguides, a platform where people can book trips created by trusted storytellers. We offer unique, independent travel packages and take care of all logistics. Airguides operates in Australia and NZ.
Kenneth Au🏅 900

Software Engineer specialise in Shopify, React and Gatsby

Brisbane, Australia
I am a Software engineer with commercial experience in building an ecommerce store with Shopify, React and Gatsby JS.
Liam Murray🏅 900

Commercial Real Estate Guru - CEO Build-Apps, MD Building-Performance

Brisbane, Australia
The founding directors of both Build-Apps and Building-Performance. Looking to globalise a tried and tested suite of Microsoft solutions for commercial real estate. Seeking investment partners.
Chris James🏅 900

Founder at Shifta

Gold Coast, Australia
App developer & electrical engineer. Experience working at a privacy startup and looking to build & scale an exciting company with other passionate entrepreneurs.
Maria Cabral Fernandes🏅 900

Junior Project Officer at Startup Gladstone Inc!

Gladstone, Australia
Just entered the tech world and looking for all the help I can get.
Shane Davis🏅 900

Founder/Product Owner at LiteracyPlanet

Varsity Lakes, Australia
Founder of Intrepica Pty Ltd, the company behind LiteracyPlanet.
Christian Abella🏅 900

Founder at RouteMate

Springfield Lakes, Australia
Experienced software engineer and software arcthitect. Created and deployed multiple apps across App Store and Google Play.
Brian Mc Glennon🏅 900

Connecting People to Opportunities for Mutual Success

Brisbane, Australia
Can help startups become "sales ready". I have a developed a process to assist young tech companies to hire thier first sales resource .
Ian Neale🏅 900

Founder and inventor of Fishos Friend

Townsville, Australia
Have just finished a pre-accelerator course with Startup Onramp. Prototypes made, QLD manufacturer and others secured. Now seek Investor/s with Smart money. Project will create 135+ permanent Aussie jobs. Please phone 0429775414 for further details.
Mark Stewart🏅 900

Founder, Inventor and Business Development Manager

bardon, Australia
Bootstrapped a robotics company and invented the world's first Growbot i.e. an autonomous tree-planting robot that can restore the environment, create sustainability and help reset the economy.
Simon Nicholls🏅 900

Founder at Managing Partner at

Gold Coast, Australia
Managing Partner: PEPworldwide Australia
Director: Corporate Skills
Kevin Wright🏅 900

Founder of Arrive-All, entrepreneur, inventor, digital experience producer

Bootstrapped startup Arrive-All, check-in & testing at business premises. Creator and producer of digital storytelling experiences to engage people onsite in real world places from aquariums to zoos. Specialist in interactive tables and video walls
Paul Bevan🏅 900

Growing meat without the animal

Gold Coast, Australia
Founder of an MMA gym, a finance brokerage and a biotech startup. Currently working on creating a new global food system!
Luke Fletcher🏅 900

Cofounder and CEO of Foxo

Brisbane, Australia
Passionate about healthtech, brand, and product. Moonshot thinker, grounded in strategy, driven by results. Cofounder of, a powerful clinical communication platform.
Ian Clark🏅 900

Older and bolder compliance mentor

Maleny, Australia
Ex Industrial Engineer and co-founder of a bootstrapped SaaS quality & safety systems management platform. Now actively seeking strategic B2B partnerships to grow operational excellence opportunities. Happy to discuss any compliance issues...
Damien King🏅 900

Founder, CTO

Gold Coast, Australia
Entrepreneur, Tech Founder, Crypto Investor
Lenore Gerschwitz🏅 900

Head of Operations at Emesent

Brisbane, Australia
Tech scaleup enabler, passionate about working with extraordinary people to achieve great things.
Paul Lupson🏅 900

Co-founder, ClassicGT

Brisbane, Australia
Experienced Product manager. B2B & B2C startup, scaleup and corporate experience. I've bootstrapped an online travel agency through to a successful exit. Areas of expertise are making complex processes simple, and optimising conversion funnels.
Edward Barker🏅 900

Founder at Cleard Life Vetting Agency

QLD, Australia
The First Vetting-As-A-Service Employment Screening Software is called It Strengthens Australia's National Integrity System. We Reduce the Risk of a Bad Hire by Screening Deeper, Fairer & Faster than Anyone Else in History.
Igor Stjepanovic🏅 900

Worth doing? Worth doing properly.

Brisbane, Australia
Bootstrapped founder working on "Uber for fieldwork" crossed by "Instagram for Business" - essentially delivering user experiences found in the best consumer technologies to clients in the enterprise and government sectors.
Keagan Chisnall🏅 900

Founder, Mentor, and Face Mask Advocate

Townsville, Australia
My passion is challenging the status quo, and often borrow from unrelated industries to develop novel solutions.
James Callan🏅 900

Founding Director at UpCycle CQ

Yepoon, Australia
A lean Social Enterprise which challenges young locals to: apply Cradle-to-Cradle design thought and effectual action; recover value from materials; apply personal creativity and ingenuity; innovate, or make, or repurpose for gainful exchange.
Nicole SIMPSON🏅 900

Manager of No Moo 4 U. Inclusive treat foods.

Emu Park, Australia
Lean start up. Quit my job to build my idea. Learned alot of hard and expensive lessons in my start up journey. Have grown from a small idea to franchising in 12 months. Still learning on my journey.
Ryan Donohue🏅 900


Brisbane, Australia
From 20 years experience in software engineering to achieving entrepreneurial success, Ryan is focused on exploring and developing technology that make relationships with technology more human.
Dru Wood🏅 900

Director SurviCap

Salonika Beach, Australia
Developer of the Boat Buoyancy Aid; the worlds only inflatable shade canopy for small boats that will assist recovery from capsize. Seeking partners to help take this life saving product global.
Anne-Marie Walton🏅 900

CEO and Founder at KidsWantU

Ipswich, Australia
Entrepreneurship Facilitator and a Community Builder Enabling people, businesses & networks #StartupMum
Ryan Hollis🏅 900

Founder at Waste Less Australia

Sunshine Coast, Australia
Bootstrapping SaaS founder focussed on creating positive impacts in our community. Expertise in community development, risk management, sustainability, circular economy & social enterprise.
Derek Moo🏅 900

Passionate Safety Advocate

Brisbane, Australia
Creative and passionate soul for helping others be safe and have systems and processes in place for a sucessful and safe operation.
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