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Im I'mhonestly wanting guidance with the validation of my problem im working on. Ive just been working with consultants. they have assisted to gather further data as i am a new entrepreneur so the more help the better from experienced helpers. data came back was great it both validated and invalidated assumptions of my problem statement. please give me a call to discuss how you would attack the data and re-strategies further. want assistance to either further refine assumptions based off data or should I get straight into prototyping / tesing or both. 0411779772 chris
QiHub Communitya month ago
Hi Christopher Krebs - Let's get you some further guidance! Use the 'create a post' field at the top of this page to post your question up there. I'll feature it to make sure it stands out at the top of the page to get the most attention... otherwise, it might get lost in the comments here.