The Generator has partnered with Startup Onramp and Split Spaces to deliver the Founders course.
If you have been sitting on an idea for some time or have a startup that needs a bit of a boost, we highly recommend you join our 2021 Generator Founders Program.
The Founders Course is a practical, video-based online course to show you how to start a startup and maximise its chances of success. For startup founders with global ambitions, and anyone with an idea for a startup.
In addition to the world class content, you will also be invited to our weekly sessions (online and in-person) to discuss each week’s learning, gain insights from others, as well as make amazing local connections with fellow entrepreneurs.
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17 days ago2 comments
Sean Cranny16 days ago
Looks like a great hub to hub collaboration and excellent opportunity for regional founders
Tamar Boas12 days ago
Thanks for that Sean. We are very excited about this program.