Ground rules

Articles and discussion board ground rules

Please note: Links to articles and initial discussion topics won’t appear immediately. All contributions will come through and be scheduled to be published in a timely manner. If your article or topic is time-sensitive, this will be taken into consideration. Subsequent comments will appear in real-time.


  • Articles will inform members of the latest discoveries, announcements and milestones relevant to Queensland’s innovation ecosystem; the release of a new program or grant; and/or a reminder to register for an activity already listed under the 'events' section and taking place in coming days (promoted activities, events, programs and grants must be of relevance to our members).
  • Self-promotion and sales tactics are not permitted. Consider publishing this type of information as a win or in your bio.
  • To protect our members, we will not publish posts from people offering mentoring or coaching services unless they are registered with the Mentoring for Growth program(opens in new tab) or another verified and regarded program.
  • Include a punchy intro (try to keep it to 300 characters) that clearly spells out to the reader what they are about to read/open. This also increases readership. Intros should not be a carbon copy of the article.
  • Articles must be accompanied by a relevant image. Images should be modern, sharp, eye-catching and of high quality. Dimensions are 540 x 250 pixels.
  • Do not link to articles that require the reader to sign-up to a subscription service, for example, The Courier Mail, Financial Review, Brisbane Times, etc.
  • Ensure the link selected (one link only in the 'URL field') takes the reader directly to the article, not to another landing page.
  • Remove any hyperlinks from the title and article text.

Discussion topics

We encourage everyone to contribute to an open and constructive conversation about themes relevant to the innovation and startup ecosystem. We aim to provide a supportive online community that is built on respect.


We encourage you to share your views, but we will remove posts that we, in our sole discretion, believe are inappropriate.

We will block, moderate and/or report users who post content we believe in our sole discretion to be:

  • abusive or obscene
  • prejudicial, inflammatory or offensive
  • deceptive or misleading
  • in violation of any intellectual property rights
  • in violation of any law or regulation
  • harassment or attacks against other users
  • off-topic
  • spam.

The feed is moderated between 9am and 5pm (AEST, Brisbane) Monday to Friday to ensure discussions remain within acceptable boundaries. Private messages will be acknowledged via return message by close of business the following day.

We reserve the right to update this policy at any time. Repeated violations of these guidelines may result in the denial of access to the QiHub.